Against same sex marriage questions in Geraldton

Wilson, The Marriage Problem. Marriage is Not a religious term, it simply means to join together, for instance in the navy the term is used to join two ropes to be then used as one. Sound Telegraph. Sexual relationships outside of marriage are condemned, whether fornication or adultery.

Although homosexual men are less likely to have children than lesbians, homosexual men are and will be raising children. While polygamists could exploit against same sex marriage questions in Geraldton current inclarity concerning marriage for their ends, we should not fool ourselves into thinking that polygamy is the direction that things are heading.

Same-sex marriage is about equality.

Norton and Co. So, my question was, what would it take for the No campaign to stop insinuating that there is harm in other family structures and causing stigmatisation to those families? But, you know, can I agree to live in a country where there's more equality for some than others, I would really struggle with that.

Ultimately our politicians will determine the direction we will take in Australia and we keep them in prayer. Equally, there are bad parents who are heterosexual, and bad parents who are same-sex attracted.

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Against same sex marriage questions in Geraldton 31, at pm. You worry about the Bible being taken too lightly and I respect that. I always hope our Catholic community would be supportive and respectful of people in difficult relationships, people in blended families, those who raise their children by themselves or not able to have their own children.

It is for this reason that they should be privileged, not merely over same-sex relationships, but also over the important relationships enjoyed by the rest of us who are unmarried. George A. Two thirds of the synod — both clergy and lay people — had voted in support of the motion.

Thanks for the question, Matthew.

It is the second year in a row that Archbishop Herft has vetoed the motion. Although I think the Catholic Church has a pretty consistent body of work , that is both theologically robust and oriented towards the common good. Some opponents of same-sex marriage claim that it will tend to weaken the value of lifelong monogamy.

Against same sex marriage questions in Geraldton

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