Avril sun - ohhhh it's so big....

I'm really liking that way You whip it whip it whip it whip it Na na na na na me go Na na na na na me go. Did ya catch the Judy Tenuta t-shirt? Who or what was on that picture? Weird Alice of twenty-sevenville asks: You have stated before that you never learned to play guitar.

Looking forward to visiting family, eating good food and having a great time in Nashville… Geri. William Kirk of Columbus, OH asks:

avril sun - ohhhh it's so big....

Agree, avril sun - ohhhh it's so big.... you

You were this weird green alien-thingy wearing a suit and your head looked like a giant cabbage… in fact, I think that may have been your name…. My husband and I just moved 15 hours away from both our families and I am dying to get back home!! I am most looking forward to spending time with my family, my 4 kiddos and hubby doing all the little traditions we look forward to-setting up the tree, reading stories by the twinkling lights, hot cocoa and movies by the fire, making gifts for one another, making cookies with extending family….

I love the family get togethers and the cooking that goes into them. Or maybe seeing my two-year-old start to understand Christmas. Years later we finally managed to secure the rights to use the clips, and we were able to release the original version of the video with the movie scenes intact.

Avril sun - ohhhh it's so big....
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