Contrast autosomal and sex chromosome in Saint-Jérôme

In the autosome, we observed more variation in the recombination rate than in the pattern of nucleotide diversity along the chromosome but no significant correlation between nucleotide diversity and recombination rate was observed Figures S5 and S6. Contrast autosomal and sex chromosome in Saint-Jérôme significant feature that distinguishes UV from diploid sex chromosomes is that the N e for U- and V-specific regions is expected to be half that of autosomes [ 21 ] and both the U and the V are theoretically subject to the same mutation rate unlike XY or ZW systems where, for example, the Y can have a higher mutation rate than the X [ 2425 ].

Trends Genet 24 : — J Appl Genet. Sex-specific Y or W chromosomes are known to play an important role in sex determination, fertility, fitness or speciation. However, in R. Electronic supplementary material.

Insects Download PDF. Broman K. Annu Rev Plant Biol. Table 2 W-chromosome-specific repeats of S.

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According to Quesada del Bosque et al. Figure 3. The evolution of sex chromosomes in the genus Rumex Polygonaceae : identification of a new species with heteromorphic sex chromosomes.

Reduced neutral diversity is a hallmark of Y chromosomes [ 60 ] and other non-recombining chromosomes [ 61 ]. Remarkably, the relatively large Ectocarpus PARs exhibit unique features. Accepted : 18 November Our results confirm theoretical predictions for UV SDRs, which predict that the level of genetic diversity in such regions should be about half that of the autosomes.

In brief, antibodies against histone isoforms Table 3 were used to precipitate chromatin in sporocysts, cercaria and adults.

Contrast autosomal and sex chromosome in Saint-Jérôme

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