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Gaige sat on a bar stool, sipping her drink while getting back to thinking about life and everything else. He looks over at Patricia and gulps a bit, I never realized that she was kinda cute he thought while looking her up and down no Axton get a hold of yourself he argued, but then a little nagging voice in the back of his head reminded him of something didn't she offer us it when we first got here?

Things don't go exactly as planned. A mysterious Relic allows a wannabe Vault Hunter to become a sexual master, and turn the women of Pandora into horny sluts. It struggled but eventually it gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood the Mechromancer back from the dead, with said Mechromancer extremely pissed gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood she died near the end of the fight.

Unexpected Discoveries 3.

And now the loaders were all taking aim, readying themselves to take Gaige out in a single volley of fire. You Want To Hear a Story? As she got to the end of the street, she found a book store. She was wearing a blue jacket, orange skirt, and long striped socks.

Instead of being riddle by the Loaders, Gaige was suddenly engulfed in a purple cloud. How will his home world react to his return? She tried to maximize her anarchy skill, getting buffs gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood both the number gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood stacks she could have and the rate she acquired them.

Though not particularly extraordinary, Jo finds that the Universe has bigger plans for her and the Crimson Raiders. Remember Me.

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Her shield was designed with maximizing capacity, but the ION loaders would fry the shield in no time, leaving her wide open for the Super badass Loaders to kill her. She growled, annoyed that Hyperion were undoubtable very capable of creating battle worthy mechs.

I'll try to include each of the missions in the summary of each chapter. That's it for now. The gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood pairing is Ben and Gaige Gaige and her father realized she would have to leave Eden-5 so the police and her misappropriated invention couldn't find her and after an emotional farewell, she bought a transplanetary shuttle ticket to Pandora to become a Vault Hunter.

After Gaige was inspired to amputate her left arm with a particle saw and replaced it with a robotic one she built, Marcie apparently stole Gaige's DT designs and sold them to Eden-5's corrupt police gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood.

She pulled herself in until she was stuck, and couldn't move. Along with her own unwanted desires to have her own dick wet, she had to play along with Maya, and attempted to pleasure the older woman the same way she's seen in pornos. A mysterious Relic allows a wannabe Vault Hunter to become a sexual master, and become irresistible to the women of Pandora.

She almost threw up because she was so nervous, but after taking a few deep breaths she nodded her head and stared in his eyes, "c-can I? Under Rewrite as of June

Gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Inglewood

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  • Gaige felt her heart twist at the thought of Angel dying trying to stop her father and saw her death as merciful. And Roland's death, well, it was nothing but fuel to the fire for the rest of the Vault Hunters. "Yo kid, you still with me?" Gaige felt herself shaken from the memories by Axton's question. Angel/Gaige (Borderlands) Gaige (Borderlands) Angel (Borderlands) Background & Cameo Characters; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Siren!Gaige; Copious bending of the rules of the universe; Angst With A Bittersweet Ending; Pre-Relationship; it gets cut short by the uh. death. Summary. Gaige is, perhaps, far too attached to AI and sirens.
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  • Nov 08,  · Best Minion Ever (Young Male Reader X Borderlands 2 Harem) Fanfiction. Your the childhood friend of the one and only Gaige, and her most loyal subscriber. Only your mostly normal life is turned on it's head when Gaige is forced to leave the planet, but rather then let her go out on her own you accompany her to the hars #borderlands # Reviews: Jul 14,  · Borderlands Borderlands 2 Borderlands The Pre Sequel The Tales From The Borderlands Pandora Siren Roland Lilith Brick Mordicai Zero Maya Salvador Axton Handsome Jack Mad Moxxi A girl in way over her head travels all the way from Eden 5 to Pandora for a low level job at Hyperion in order to break away from the spoiled and pampered life she.
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  • Gaige/Zer0 (Borderlands) Gaige (Borderlands) Zer0 (Borderlands) Summary. There was a special kind of intimidating that comes with a solo mission with Zer0. Gaige had gone on trips with everyone else but this was the first time she’d found herself riding alone with the intimidating inhuman figure as they tore through the Highlands. Angel/Gaige (Borderlands) Angel/Gaige/Moxxi (Borderlands) Mad Moxxi (Borderlands) Gaige (Borderlands) Angel (Borderlands) Lilith (Mentioned Only) Summary. What's a girl as exciting as Mad Moxxi to do when her bar is completely empty? Leave it and find some real fun Language: English Words: 2, Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 18 Bookmarks: 3 Hits:
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  • This is focused more on the Borderlands part of the story. 6. The story will be taking place in some parts of 2, most of Tales and later on, in 3. I say "some parts of 2", because Ben and Gaige's adventure will be a bunch of shenanigans until they meet the Crimson Raiders and start fighting Hyperion for real. Gaige/Maya (Borderlands) Gaige; Zer0; Maya (Borderlands) Summary. Sleeping in the field on Pandora is a lot harder than it was back home. Add a big stupid crush on the hot chick a couple tents over and only having Zer0 to turn to for advice? Absolute garbage 0/ Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 12 Kudos: Bookmarks.
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  • Angel/Gaige (Borderlands) Angel (Borderlands) Gaige (Borderlands) Mancubus Bloodtooth (Borderlands) Smut; Shameless Smut; Strap-Ons; Borderlands 3 - Freeform; After Hammerlock's Wedding; Summary. After Hammerlock's wedding, a mysterious stranger comes to visit the wedding planner, Gaige. Smut ensues. ((Made by FedoraKing24, my older brother.
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