Let the friend hit the wife

Detailed information about all U. City-Data Forum Message. The point is to be more sexual with her than he CAN be, because in reality he doesn't really know her too well and it would be weird if he said some of the things you did.

Acknowledge your jealousy or frustration to your partner.

Interesting. Prompt, let the friend hit the wife

For example, you could put your arm around your partner, tousle their hair with your hand, sit on their lap if appropriate given the context , or give them a kiss. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. I think you need better friends. That new female co-worker, the one with the train-wreck of a life who's always asking for your husband's help, whether it's to set up her Wi-Fi or fix her kid's bicycle.

It's best to play it cool, and knock your friend down a bit.

Let the friend hit the wife
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