Making a mess! part 1

Then there are those who are a bit more seasoned; those who have grown in their walks, allowing us to get glimpses of the finished project. So how should we view one another, who are a part of this beautiful mess? This particular couple were both illiterate but they really enjoyed going to the bible studies and listening to the sermons.

That is the end game for God; that is what this is all about.

Making a mess! part 1

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Philippians 4: I want to challenge you to give thanks and then pray for their flaws rather than becoming frustrated by their flesh. Paul had to admonish the Ephesian believers to cultivate unity Ephesians 4: You see, God knew that His beloved Church would not be perfect and, thus, would be full of problems and would have to have instruction on how to get along with each other!

Making a mess! part 1
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