Moja ljubav. my love

You can find out more about the vocative case and how to use it correctly here. Nina Badric - Moja Ljubav My Love Do you know that I couldn't breathe I could hardly moja ljubav. my love my thoughts together that time when I saw you my heart could've stopped I wanted to leave instantly your look could've killed me as if it was destined all mine then became yours I'm not ashamed you were always dear to me I couldn't nor I knew how to tell you that my heart belonged to you from the first moment I'm not ashamed may the thunders crash may the rain break through the cloud may everyone hear that you are my love I remember our moja ljubav.

my love encounters nights always too short for a hug you just kissed me gently you don't know how much I missed you I was telling you my life story then silence rarely lasted long I told you my dreams that everyone before you had broken me for a moment.

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moja ljubav. my love

Know moja ljubav. my love something is

Nije me sram I'm not ashamed ti si mi uvijek bio drag You we're always dear to me nisam ti mogla ni znala reci I couldn't and didn't know how to tell you da moje srce That my heart od prvog trena ti pripada Belongs to you from the first moment on Nije me sram I'm not ashamed neka zagrme gromovi Let the thunder roar neka se kisa kroz oblak prolomi Let te rain break out of a cloud da cuju svi da moja ljubav si ti So everyone can hear, that you're my love Sjecam se nasih prvih susreta I remember our first encounters uvijek prekratka noc za zagrljaj The night was always too short for an embrace samo si me njezno ljubio You only kissed me softly ne znas kol'ko si mi falio You don't don't how much I've missed you Tad sam ti cijeli zivot pricala I then told you about my whole life tisina rijetko kad je trajala The silence lasted rarely rekla sam da si moje sve I told you that you're my everything da me svaki prije slomio za tren That every guy broke me with an instant before.

Moja Ljubav. By mjfan4life in forum Identify it. Names of the months in Croatian Originally Posted by MayGoLoco.

Moja ljubav. my love
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