Multisystemic treatment of juvenile sex offenders in Naur-Bomaderry

Clinical Psychology Review. Create Alert. Mediators and mechanisms of change in psychotherapy research.

Thus, it remains to be seen through replication studies whether MST teams can achieve the same results when other expert consultants are used. BeckerM. Create Alert.

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Please review our privacy policy. Williams Psychology, Medicine Journal of consulting and clinical psychology All analyses were conducted with and without the five Multisystemic treatment of juvenile sex offenders in Naur-Bomaderry youth treated by private practitioners, and the results did not differ.

The generally favorable outcomes for the MST condition support the viability of community-based and family-focused interventions that address the known risk factors of serious antisocial behavior, including sexual offending behaviors, across multiple ecological systems in which youth are embedded.

Fourth, the average duration was 7.

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  • In spite of the serious and costly problems presented by juvenile sexual offenders, rigorous tests of promising interventions have rarely been conducted.
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The overriding goals of MST are to empower parents with the skills and resources needed to independently address the inevitable difficulties that arise in raising adolescents and to empower adolescents to cope with familial and extrafamilial problems.

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Multisystemic treatment of juvenile sex offenders in Naur-Bomaderry

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