Not my wife - someone else :)

Love never relinquishes itself to lies and truth never yields itself as a weapon. I live abiut km away but work close by every 2 week. Hello my husband and I have been together for a long time 16yrs an 4yrs of being married we have an 8yrs daughter well a few months ago we met this couple started hanging out with them an then I had this feeling that he was starting to like this woman but when I mention it to him he said that I was crazy and I started to think I was until finally the couple asked me to go over and so I did an my husband was sending her messages and drawing pictures for her and she is dating someone.

Underlying vulnerabilities very likely made the new relationship possible. We had had conversations throughout the relationship about this other person and our friendship, so it wasn't a surprise to him.

That isn't the way a successful relationship should be. She is an alcoholic, pill popper, and suffers from depression.

Were not my wife - someone else :) apologise

However, it is not necessarily hopeless. Waste of time, energy and food. People see these things and understand better than you can imagine. But the deeper the commitment, the more intertwined your lives become, and the more you will have to trust your partner to act in your interest in your absence.

Of course, there are other causes for a decline in the desire to show physical affection and be intimate with your spouse. Excuse me, what did you say?

Not my wife - someone else :)
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