Octomom babies now

But has she overcome her divisive public image? Love Islanders repeat phrases like 'I'm loyal babes' and 'bev' because they have no access to outside world and copy each other. Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, took the world by storm in January when she had an exceptionally large number of children on her own — eight to be exact — in one pregnancy.

Octomom stayed right there. Edit Delete. And it is a choice.

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But this time, she was carrying eight children. They're the first octoplets in history to even all be born and survive. But the people of California did not take well to the story. With absolutely no time for a social life, Natalie Suleman is a very hands-on mother.

Nadya denies looking like Angelina but the similarities speak for themselves.

Octomom babies now
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