Plant sex chromosome evolution fitness in Torquay

USA15 —15 Introduction Sex chromosomes evolve differently than the rest of the genome, because they are present in one sex more often than the other. If the populations stay separate, the locally adapted loci will be linked to male and female sex-determining regions equally often.

This, in turn, has a number of consequences to the way SNRs will evolve compared with other parts of the genome.

The potential for sexually antagonistic polymorphism in different genome regions. Bolletino di Zoologia. Our data support such translocation by the existence of three pair of autosomes in gynodioecious species corresponding to sex chromosomes in S. Finally, further tests for dosage compensation in other plant and algal species should allow us to understand whether this is a broad-scale solution to the theoretical loss of genes in heterogametic sexes, or if there are more unique mechanisms that are yet to be discovered.

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The funder had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. They have evolved from autosomes through the development of a sex-determining locus in a region of non-recombination or the development of non-recombination around the sex determining region [ 3 ], which blocks the exchange of genetic material between the sex chromosomes and enables them to begin to diverge from each other [ 4 ].

Kinship between 0. The evolution of reproductive systems and sex-determining mechanisms within rumex polygonaceae inferred from nuclear and chloroplastidial sequence plant sex chromosome evolution fitness in Torquay.

  • It is now well established that plants have an important place in studies of sex chromosome evolution because of the repeated independent evolution of separate sexes and sex chromosomes. There has been considerable recent progress in studying plant sex chromosomes.
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  • Genomic analysis of many nonmodel species has uncovered an incredible diversity of sex chromosome systems, making it possible to empirically test the rich body of evolutionary theory that describes each stage of sex chromosome evolution.
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Sequence comparison within and between species of well-studied animal models suggests that sex chromosomes derive from an ordinary pair of autosomes that have evolved sex-determining genes and stopped recombining Bachtrog Although UV systems were discovered rather early [ 41 ] and have been characterized in a number of species since [ 17 ], theory on UV systems has been surprisingly neglected other than Bull's analysis of haploid dioecious sex chromosomes [ 90 ].

A dictionary of genetics 7th ed. Charlesworth B The evolution of sex chromosomes.

Plant sex chromosome evolution fitness in Torquay

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