Socio-cultural factors that hinders sex education in the family in Oxfordshire

Duff O Public health and religion: Aids, America, abstinence. For instance, perceived behavioural control was confined to a direct measure of perceived barriers and difficulties and did not include other power items or factors that inhibit or facilitate the target behaviour [ 21 ].

However, one might object that this could result in a measure of overadjustment, since the variable could be a determinant of religious engagement, thus representing a single possible pathway.

Health is another factor. Login Register. Such dreams were once attributed to spirits or demons known as incubi and succubiwho sought out sleeping humans for sexual intercourse. Search UoN Digital Repository. For this reason, many people will consider education level when they study neighborhoods and other factors.

Sociocultural factors can have positive and negative effects on people. For example, the place you live can affect your health.

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Religious affiliation in Uganda is a lifetime commitment whose practices and rituals becomes part of an individual's daily experience. Latest Most Read Most Cited Perceived physical fitness mediates the relationship between parental support and physical activity enjoyment in overweight and obese adolescents.

PLoS Med 3: e No statistically significant association was found between self-rated health and previously had sex, age of sexual debut, number of lifetime partners, and condom use, and no association was found between role of religion and condom use.

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  • As a society, it is important to understand these factors for many reasons. Businesses use them to market their products, teachers use these factors to instruct and researchers examine these factors to study public policies.

Rassjo EB, Kiwanuka R Views on social and cultural influence on sexuality and sexual health in groups of Ugandan adolescents. Protestant religious affiliation was negatively associated with having previously had sexual intercourse among female students OR 0.

Protestant vs. Advanced Search. The dependent variable of this study is intention to use condoms with a new sexual partner, and not the behaviour itself.

Socio-cultural factors that hinders sex education in the family in Oxfordshire

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