Taylor swift cheerleader

So, friends, next time you're sitting at your lunch table, watching the "popular" kids laugh and kiss and brag, just remember Lorde, Lena and Taylor: Don't you wish whoever called H. Humiliated Sports. The parts of life that are true. And then there's Lena Dunham -- Lorde's pal and a similarly brainy lady.

Taylor swift cheerleader regret

As she also took notice of her romantic rival's stunning appearance, her boyfriend walked over to her and gave her a kiss, much to her outrage. After all, Taylor only just expressed her love for Todrick's "4 Taylor" mashup video, in which he sings a range of Taylor songs.

Isn't that awesome? All of these things together are seriously frowned-upon in a high school setting -- but IRL, well, they conspire to score Taylor scads of 1 hits.

Taylor swift cheerleader
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