Thalia: bad bitch

For where there is neither law nor rule All falls apart, and turns to uncertainty. The true masters make it so, that their whole work is unified, as Clio teaches in Horace:. Also one observes, that the virtues of thalia: bad bitch first originals in copies are surrounded by numerous errors, more or less like printed pages, cobbled together by some ignorant letter-setter from some difficult text, full of printing errors and faults, which either obscure or corrupt the sense.

Farnese Palace,] Here we pass by the great Hercules, and the Flora, and other fine sculptures. And she who treads the stage in comic socks, and shadows her forehead and horned grin with ivy, will alert our senses to the arrangement of things. And not to differentiate a flea from a camel by height?

I have only a head, and a tail, with a sharp point, which is necessary, when I write lyric poem; but for elegies I must first wash away frivolous thoughts with tears, before I set pen to paper.

Regret, but thalia: bad bitch

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She determines, broadly how allowable it is, to help oneself with the work of another: Awkward and negligent composition. I for one, would not contradict what Plato said, that genius bursts out, as if lifted off its hinges, by three motivations:

Thalia: bad bitch
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