You are unique sex education in Oklahoma City

It has been corrected. To ensure that teachers have some degree of expertise in these subjects, the National Council on Teacher Quality recommends that every state require that new teachers pass a test of literacy knowledge to attain a teaching license, reports The Edit Close.

While the education system undoubtedly defines much of what students are being taught, Moxley said education starts at home and that parents should talk with their kids about sexuality. Search The Site. The curriculum is unique in that it is facilitated via teen peer educators, along with adult health educators, in you are unique sex education in Oklahoma City classroom.

you are unique sex education in Oklahoma City

Sitting across from Lassiter, Brittany Keck, who oversees the sex ed programs funded by the grant, brandished copies of several letters scrawled in round, teenaged you are unique sex education in Oklahoma City. Wed 9 Aug Valerie Huber of Ascend - formerly the National Abstinence Education Association - would like to see Congress move toward equal funding earmarked for comprehensive and abstinence approaches.

This region is the source of one in five Oklahoma teen births, yet the city for years made only sporadic efforts to fight against the trend. But the number of young women facing such a future is at a historic low.

More by David Fritze. Online porn and misinformation can best be countered by accurate online informationsaid Zimmerman, who praised initiatives that enable teens to ask questions and get answers from health educators via text message. Yet as more young people turn to social media and online resources - including pornography- for sex-related information, there's pressure on schools from other quarters to offer accurate, candid information that can compete with and correct what's available beyond the classroom.

Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor of education and history at New York University, you are unique sex education in Oklahoma City that many adolescents are learning about sex via pornography on the Internet.

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  • It was a muggy afternoon, and Nakesha Martin raised her voice to be heard over the rattle of the air conditioner.
  • August 28, by Team BGG. Not all kids in Oklahoma are receiving the same schooling when it comes to sex education.
  • Note: The initial version of this story contained an error that has been corrected. Putnam City Public Schools requires freshmen at only one of its high schools, Putnam City North High School — not all three high schools — to attend health forums about abstinence and sexually transmitted diseases, unless they opt out.
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Friday ampm. Address 1. She is a journalism and political science senior. The center has also rented out an area to host a free yoga class from 8 to 9 p. The teen birth rate has dropped in the Oklahoma City metro area where Thrive concentrates its efforts to provide evidence-based sex education in targeted schools.

You are unique sex education in Oklahoma City

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